Association Management, Consulting, and Support

DeBrunner & Associates has extensive experience consulting for, leading, and administering health care provider associations.

We help associations understand the government health policy landscape and the policy objectives of government and then develop their own policy objectives based on this information. To support achieving those objectives, we analyze data and perform research; develop policy initiatives; develop political strategies; prepare studies; create awareness about the group’s identity and needs among policy-makers; create and coordinate opportunities for members to advocate their objectives to public officials; and engage directly in that advocacy ourselves.

As client needs dictate, DeBrunner & Associates also launches, staffs, and administers new associations. We currently operate two specialized provider associations:

In addition to our experience consulting for and creating provider associations, DeBrunner & Associates also has the expertise to work with and advise providers, lawyers, consultants, and others working with providers on how to organize, assist, create, and operationalize new provider associations dedicated to the common public policy objectives of their members.