Medicare Area Wage Index Data

Few factors influence hospitals’ Medicare revenue as much as their Medicare area wage index – the small adjustment to Medicare payments that has a large impact on hospital finances. Hospitals that believe they are classified unfairly may apply for reclassification.

The decision to pursue reclassification begins with data. Medicare has specific criteria for reclassification. Do you qualify? Do you believe other hospitals near you have a more advantageous classification? If you qualify for reclassification, do you have more than one option? If you do, which is the best option for your hospital?

The answers to these and other questions can be found in data, and DeBrunner & Associates has a great deal of experience helping hospitals pursue Medicare wage index reclassification. Even if you wish to pursue reclassification independently, without our guidance, you still need data – data that DeBrunner & Associates can generate to ensure that you qualify for reclassification; to ensure that you are pursuing the most lucrative reclassification possible for your hospital; and to ensure that your reclassification application has the data it needs to support a successful bid for reclassification.