Federal Medicaid Support

DeBrunner & Associates contributes to our clients’ ability to understand, anticipate, and respond to the actions of their state Medicaid programs by serving as their eyes and ears in Washington, D.C. This is so important because policy-makers in both the administration and Congress are almost constantly proposing changes in who Medicaid serves and how it serves them.

To a significant degree, our efforts on behalf of clients at the state level are guided by our understanding of what is happening in Washington. We continually monitor federal activity – legislation, regulations, program announcements, CMS-sponsored forums, and more – for developments that could affect our clients’ state Medicaid programs. Often, we use this knowledge to shape our state policy efforts for our clients.

When our clients’ interests require intervention in Washington, we provide critical policy and political support, evaluating options and approaches, crafting strategies, identifying key officials with whom to work, analyzing data, obtaining political support, and developing persuasive advocacy materials.

We also contribute to many clients’ strategic business planning by advising them on the policy and political environments in Washington and their implications and recommending state government relations strategies that take advantage of new developments in Washington.