Federal Government Relations Planning, Support, And Issue Management

DeBrunner & Associates contributes to our clients’ ability to understand, anticipate, respond to, influence, and ultimately benefit from the actions of the federal government.

For most health care organizations, the federal government is their biggest payer and most important regulator. Consequently, understanding federal health care policies – and how those policies might change – is essential for successful operations.

DeBrunner & Associates helps manage federal issues for our clients. We help them identify the federal issues that are important to them; define, track, and analyze those issues; and determine how proposed policy changes might affect them. We also help them communicate their concerns and advocate their interests in a manner that ensures that federal officials understand their business needs. Through these and other efforts, our work together often results in public policies – laws, regulations, and programs – that better meet the needs of our clients.

In addition, we contribute to many of our clients’ strategic planning efforts, advising them on the policy and political environments in Washington; briefing their boards and senior management on emerging public policy issues, trends, and challenges; and recommending government relations strategies that make life better for their organizations.