Health Policy, Data Analysis, And Policy Development

DeBrunner & Associates uses our health policy, data analysis, and policy development experience and expertise to help our clients understand their environment better and work to improve that environment in ways that contribute to their business success.

When we learn of proposed federal Medicare and Medicaid policy changes, we analyze them carefully, calling upon our deep-seated understanding of federal reimbursement laws, regulations, policies, and formulas so we can determine their potential impact on our clients. A key tool in these analyses is our extensive use of data: we use our own large, nation-wide databases to model the precise potential impact of proposed policy changes on our clients.

We use this same data analysis expertise to power our own policy development efforts. Through such activities, we often help our clients launch their own policy initiatives by documenting the need for a policy change, developing a policy proposal, and making a persuasive case that our proposal addresses both our clients’ and the federal government’s needs.

These capabilities will never be more important than in the next few years, while the continued implementation of the Affordable Care Act leads federal officials to rewrite key Medicare and Medicaid payment policies and formulas. Organizations need to understand how these efforts will affect them and also need to weigh in with their concerns before the new policies and formulas become law. DeBrunner & Associates helps with both: we help our clients understand the financial implications of formula and payment policy changes and help them advocate their interests in those policies to the key decision-makers.

Few organizations possess either the technical tools or the policy expertise to serve their clients in this manner; DeBrunner & Associates has both. Through the years, we have used these distinct capabilities to drive numerous successful public policy initiatives for our clients.