Medicaid Consulting

DeBrunner & Associates is one of the country’s leading Medicaid consulting firms. We work closely with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Congress, and others to advocate federal policies that help our clients maximize their Medicaid reimbursement.

We help our clients understand the impact of changes in federal Medicaid laws and regulations – and help them advocate desired changes or oppose damaging proposals. This is especially important at a time when federal policy-makers are almost continually exploring new ways to make Medicaid more effective and less costly; providers have millions of dollars at stake in the programs, legislation, and regulations such efforts produce.

DeBrunner & Associates advises providers on proposed changes in their state Medicaid plans and the likelihood that such changes will be approved by CMS; helps them calculate how proposed changes in their state Medicaid programs would affect their own financial performance; calculates their Medicaid upper payment limit and verifies the accuracy of Medicaid DSH payments; and helps them identify and work with the appropriate federal officials with whom they need to interact to address their Medicaid issues in Washington. We also help hospitals encourage their states to pursue Medicaid waivers from the federal government to bring additional resources for programs and facilities to their state and then help those hospitals negotiate and pursue their participation in the subsequent waiver-related activities.

Finally, DeBrunner helps clients when their state and federal Medicaid interests intersect. When our clients support proposed changes in their state Medicaid program, we help them and their state government advocate the approval of those changes by federal regulators. We can literally hit the ground running on behalf of any state Medicaid program, enabling us to participate in the adoption of solutions that meet the needs of our clients, their state governments, and federal regulators.