About Us

About Us

DeBrunner & Associates is a different kind of health policy consulting and advocacy firm: we represent the perfect marriage of an exceptionally high level of knowledge and technical expertise in government health care policy and the political skill needed to solve our clients’ public policy problems in Washington, D.C., in Pennsylvania, and throughout the country. To this marriage we bring an unusual degree of creativity – a creativity born of a deep-seated understanding of government health care policy that enables us to see opportunities and potential where others see only problems and barriers.

DeBrunner & Associates understands the implications of public policy for the health care industry and uses that understanding to help our clients get the most out of their relationships with government. We help health care organizations identify legislation and regulations that would affect them and propose changes that better meet their needs; help them gain a voice in the development of government policies and ensure that their needs are understood by the officials who make those policies; help them understand – and adjust to – the many changes being brought about through the continuing implementation of the Affordable Care Act; and help them obtain state and federal funds for a variety of purposes.

We do this by using information and data to help health care organizations understand today’s environment and how it affects their finances. We then help them adapt to that environment – or help them work to change it. Many organizations believe they cannot do anything about government policies that hurt them, but we know better – because we have a history of crafting solutions to those problems and persuading government to adopt those solutions.

Three distinct capabilities drive our ability to deliver for our clients: a deep-seated knowledge of health care laws and regulations that enables us to identify problems and explore solutions; a capacity unmatched among policy consulting firms to use data to calculate the impact of government policies on organizations and model policy alternatives; and outstanding political skills that include strong relationships with policy-makers at all levels of government and on both sides of the political aisle. Together, these talents enable DeBrunner & Associates to solve problems and produce results for a wide variety of clients in Washington, D.C., in Pennsylvania, and throughout the country – hospitals and health systems, hospital associations, long-term-care providers, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, health care data and technology firms, local and county governments, provider associations, lobbyists, and others.

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