Michael Chirieleison

Michael Chirieleison is a partner and managing director at DeBrunner & Associates in PA. He’s an expert on Medicaid policy and reimbursement, with extensive bipartisan relationships in PA’s government.

Ellen Kugler, Esq.

Ellen Kugler is a partner and the managing director of DeBrunner & Associates’ federal health policy consulting practice in Washington, D.C.  Ellen was present at the creation, joining the firm as a partner when it was launched in 1995.

Chris Beck

Chris Beck, DeBrunner & Associates’ state government relations director, strategizes to achieve policy goals. He monitors legislation, budgets, and builds relationships with legislators and administration officials.

Ben DeBrunner

Ben DeBrunner, the firm’s director of policy analysis, tracks federal and state legislative changes impacting clients. Since 2003, he analyzes policy shifts and builds a foundation for client responses to regulatory and policy developments.

Kate Finkelstein

Kate Finkelstein is a senior associate in DeBrunner & Associates’ federal health care consulting practice in Washington, D.C, serving since 2005 as the firm’s primary contact between its clients and federal elected officials.

Janel Gleeson, Esq.

Janel Gleeson, DeBrunner & Associates’ senior policy analyst, monitors state/federal policy changes, analyzes regulations, supports clients in policy advocacy, and assists with Medicare provider designations.

Nancy McNeilly

Nancy McNeilly wears many hats as DeBrunner & Associates’ business manager, human resources and benefits director, corporate executive assistant, scheduling whiz, and more and has managed the firm’s financial and administrative operations for 20 years.

Joseph Steinbock

Joseph Steinbock, DeBrunner & Associates’ staff writer since 2002, specializes in federal health policy. He crafts diverse documents, including position papers, advocacy pieces, and blogs for the firm and Alliance of Safety-Net Hospitals.

James A. Tomkins

James Tomkins, DeBrunner & Associates’ data and information services director, manages databases, analyzes legislative and budgetary impact on clients, assesses hospital mergers’ effects on Medicare and Medicaid revenue, and prepares responses for Congress inquiries.