The DeBrunner Difference

If you’ve worked with a government relations firm before, you know that DeBrunner & Associates knows whom you should call to address a particular problem – and we’ll make that call for you – and we’re always able to set up that critical meeting.  Or to lobby for you.  But if you’ve never worked with DeBrunner & Associates before, there’s more to discover.

The relationship between health care providers and the government is both broad and deep.  No single individual can keep track of it all.  DeBrunner & Associates gives you the team you need to see what’s coming, determine how it affects you, develop a pragmatic solution, and proactively effect change to ensure your organization’s voice is heard.

  • DeBrunner & Associates functions as an extension of your staff, always just a phone call or email away.
    • We’re always available with an experienced voice to answer questions; or offer insights that can’t be found in the text of regulations, legislation, or trade publications.
  • You don’t just get a lobbyist; you get a team.
    • Our clients know our staff well.  In fact, not only do they know which issues we can help them with but many also know which member of our staff to contact with a specific question or problem.
  • Not only can we prepare you to be at your best, but we can also be at your side at all levels of your responsibilities.
    • We’re just as comfortable presenting a high-level concept to your board as we are discussing the details of billing with your reimbursement staff.
  • We don’t just understand government, we understand how it affects YOU.
    • We’re constantly thinking about our clients as we monitor the political environment so we can keep them apprised of potential developments and opportunities on the horizon, of potential threats looming in the future, and of changes and trends they absolutely need to know about.
  • Our in-house data analysis can help you sort the issues that matter from those that only seem to.
    • With so many proposals constantly being offered, it’s easy to think everything is your number one priority.  In many cases, our data analysis and policy expertise can help quantify the effects of proposals and help you prioritize your agenda.

This, in our view, is what health care organizations need in these challenging times.

And if you’re not getting this from your current health policy and government relations consultant, maybe you should ask yourself if you’ve got the right health policy and government relations consultant.