Continuing Implementation of the Affordable Care Act

Continuing Implementation of the Affordable Care Act

While many components of the Affordable Care Act have been introduced by now, the federal government continues to roll out new aspects of the 2010 reform law and to fine-tune those that have already been implemented. This process – roll-out and fine-tune – will continue in the coming years.

DeBrunner & Associates helps organizations survive and prosper amid this constant change in four key ways.

First, we keep you informed. Both the new and the improved will continue to be introduced piece by piece in national conference calls and thousands of pages of new regulations and program announcements. While your professional associations will send you generic updates – updates they also send to your competitors – DeBrunner & Associates gives you information tailored specifically to your organization.

Second, we tell you what it all means and help you understand its potential impact on your organization. Most of these developments, both old and new, bring changes in how you do business, so we help you understand how they apply to your organization. In some cases, this involves using our knowledge of public policy to interpret what new requirements mean; in other situations, it calls for performing in-depth data analysis to help ascertain the projected impact of a new policy on your organization’s public revenue.

Third, we help you convey your interests to policy-makers before they make their policy decisions. Time and time again, DeBrunner & Associates has helped organizations play a role in shaping the policies that govern their activities – and even changing those policies. In some cases, this involves helping you prepare detailed, formal comments in response to proposed regulations or legislation; in others, we arrange calls or meetings with regulators and policy-makers during which we help you get answers to your questions and share your concerns in direct contact with key decision-makers.

And fourth, we help you take advantage of the opportunities that will continue to arise to pursue competitively awarded grants to participate in the many demonstration programs that will be launched in the near future.

Organizations that stay on top of these constant changes, understand their implications, and respond effectively to them will surely have an edge over their competitors. Working with DeBrunner & Associates gives organizations that understanding – and that competitive edge.