A key to achieving our clients’ health policy objectives in Pennsylvania is DeBrunner & Associates’ excellence as advocates. We help our clients speak up effectively and ensure that they reach the right people with the right message at the right time and that they maximize their chances of achieving their health policy goals.

At the heart of DeBrunner & Associates’ success as health policy advocates in Harrisburg is our relationships. We understand where health policy is made and who makes it and have strong, long-standing relationships with these policy-makers. These relationships extend to both sides of the political aisle and to both the executive and legislative branches of state government.

Another key to our success as advocates is our use of documentation and data. While others rely on anecdotal observations, we prefer hard evidence. When we meet with state officials, we are well-received – first, because they know us through years of working together, and second, because they know that we meticulously document our arguments. They recognize that we truly understand state health care policy, and the confidence this inspires has enabled DeBrunner & Associates to develop trusting, respectful relationships with countless elected and appointed officials throughout Pennsylvania’s state government.

Because we are advocates as well as policy experts, we also are highly effective providing policy, technical, and data support to other advocates, including our clients’ executives, lawyers, other hired lobbyists, and provider associations. We do this so well because we understand what it takes to advocate successfully in Pennsylvania.