Medicaid Data Analysis for Pennsylvania Hospitals

Medicaid Data Analysis for Pennsylvania Hospitals

Financial data analysis is an important part of hospitals’ overall strategic business decision-making.

In particular, having a more complete picture of a hospital’s Medicaid activity can help its leaders see their Medicaid business in a broader market context.

By analyzing Medicaid cost reports, DeBrunner compares hospital performance on such measures as days and discharges, broken down by acute-care, drug and alcohol, rehab, and psychiatric days and discharges and presented separately for fee-for-service and managed care patients. DeBrunner also provides data on Pennsylvania hospital Medicaid costs, charges, and ratios.

Through the use of this and other Medicaid cost report data, hospitals can compare their Medicaid business at a local, regional, or even state-wide level – information essential for making decisions and supporting policy advocacy.

DeBrunner also looks beyond hospital cost data. We analyze medical claims, other financial and payment data, and population demographic data to help hospitals develop a fuller context for making business decisions. When specific data elements are not readily available, DeBrunner has the expertise and experience to develop effective proxies to facilitate modeling.

DeBrunner also helps hospitals that have exceeded their hospital-specific Medicaid DSH limit, analyzing their Medicaid cost data and recommending appropriate revisions of their DSH limit calculations. We have helped many hospitals successfully restate their Medicaid DSH limits, enabling them to increase their Medicaid DSH revenue.