Medicaid and homelessness

Looming Medicaid Challenges

State Medicaid programs are facing significant financial challenges in the coming years. Among them:  less federal Medicaid matching money, a continued call by providers for increased payments, and a growing demand to use Medicaid to help address behavioral health challenges. In addition, proponents of investing more Medicaid money in home- and community-based services can be expected to ask state Medicaid programs to cover more services while those programs face a growing demand to use Medicaid resources to address social determinants of health such as poor housing and hunger. At the same time, large numbers of individuals continue to fall off [...]

States Using Medicaid Money to Address Homelessness

Trusting in the adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” more and more states are using Medicaid funds to address homelessness. The theory, not fully tested, is that providing housing to the homeless, along with other social supports, will reduce their use of hospital emergency rooms, improve their overall health, and end up saving taxpayer money.  Some are skeptical, believing health care money should be spent on health care services. Today, 19 states are using some of their Medicaid resources to provide housing to the homeless.  Leading the way is California, which is spending $12 [...]

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Using Medicaid Money to Pay the Rent?

Some people think the time has come for Medicaid to help pay for housing for the homeless in the name of health and health equity. “In the last decade Medicaid has inched toward acknowledging the interconnectedness of housing and health,” the New York Times reports, adding that “It has encouraged more state Medicaid programs to cover housing-related costs like furniture or security deposits – basically everything except paying the rent.” In addition, most conversations about social determinants of health identify housing insecurity as a major obstacle to good health and health equity.  The Bush and Obama administrations invested in creating [...]

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