The evaluation, adoption, and streamlining of federal health care quality programs will be the objective of a new “quality summit” launched by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

In response to an executive order issued by the president, HHS has established the quality summit because, according to an HHS news release,

A long-stated goal of the Trump Administration has been to shift our current government healthcare programs from paying for services and procedures to paying for better patient outcomes.  We believe the best way to effect this shift is through greater transparency and a focus on quality outcomes for patients.

The HHS news release also notes that

…important quality programs across the department have remained uncoordinated among the various agencies and inconsistent in their demands on healthcare providers.  We believe the Quality Summit will not only strengthen the protections these programs afford patients, but also improve value by reducing costs and onerous requirements that are placed on providers and ultimately stand between patients and the high quality care they deserve.

Summit participants will include government officials and approximately 15 non-government health care industry leaders, with individuals invited to nominate themselves or others for those non-government slots.

Learn more in the HHS news release describing the quality summit and the executive order that led to its creation.