Participation in Medicare’s various accountable care organizations is increasing, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services reports.

According to CMS, 50 new ACOs will participate in its Medicare Shared Savings Program in 2024 along with another 19 that will participate in a new, permanent payment option version of that program.  Another 71 ACOs renewed their participation in the program, bringing the total number of ACOs in the program to 480 that together will serve nearly 11 million traditional Medicare beneficiaries.

Other Medicare ACOs account for another three million participants.  Among them are 2.6 million served by 122 ACOs in the Realizing Equity, Access, and Community Health Reach Program (ACO Reach) and just under 300,000 people served by CMS’s Kidney Care Choices model.

In all, CMS reports that 13.7 million traditional Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in an ACO – nearly half of all traditional Medicare participants and a three percent increase over 2023.

Learn more about the growing role ACOs are playing in serving the traditional Medicare population from this CMS news release.