Diverse health care and government interests are rallying around their opposition to the proposed Medicaid fiscal accountability rule.

The regulation, proposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in November, would impose new limits on the ability of states to finance their share of their Medicaid spending, potentially jeopardizing provider payments and the ability of high-volume Medicaid providers to operate without suffering great losses.

In all, CMS received more than 4200 written comments in response to the proposed regulation, most of them expressing opposition.  Among those doing so were state governments, the National Governors Association, hospitals and hospital associations, nursing home operators, and health advocacy organizations.  Also among them were DeBrunner & Associates clients the National Alliance of Safety-Net Hospitals, the Safety-Net Association of Pennsylvania, Private Essential Access Community Hospitals (PEACH), the Coalition of Long-Term Acute-Care Hospitals, the University of Pennsylvania Health System, Post Acute Medical, and others.  Also questioning the proposed changes was the National Association of Medicaid Directors, whose executive director questioned the constitutionality of the proposal.

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