While there has been a great deal of public discussion of late about “Medicare for all,” less attention has been paid to the concept of permitting people to buy into their state’s Medicaid program.

Now, the Rockefeller Institute of Government has published a new report that presents the different approaches to the concept of Medicaid buy-in.

It also seeks to address six major questions of potential Medicaid buy-in efforts:

  • How large is the intended population of new enrollees?
  • What kind of coverage would be offered?
  • How would enrollment be financed?
  • How would rates be set?
  • Would the program use standard Medicaid rate and would there be enough participating providers to meet enrollee demand?
  • How would such a program fit into individual states’ regulatory structure?

Learn more about how the concept of Medicaid buy-in and how it might work by reading the Rockefeller Institute of Government report “Medicaid Buy-In: Questions of Design and Purpose,” which can be found here.