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Bundled Payments Produce Savings Among Privately Insured

Bundled payments for a limited number of surgical procedures produced a savings of 10.7 percent among privately insured patients according to a study by the RAND Corporation. For the study, participants working for self-insured employers who received three types of surgery – total knee and hip replacement, spinal fusion, and bariatric weight-loss procedures – were offered the opportunity to have those procedures without cost-sharing in exchange for undergoing surgery by specific providers that agreed to accept a bundled payment for the procedure and 30 days of post-surgical care.  The result was a savings of 10.7 percent in costs, 85 percent [...]

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Alternative Payment Model Spending Grows

In 2016, 29 percent of all health care payments were made through alternative payment models, continuing the movement toward paying for value rather than for volume. That 29 percent in 2016 was up from 23 percent in 2015. APMs include shared savings and shared risk programs, bundled payments, and population-based payments. Fee-for-service and other “legacy” payments accounted for 43 percent of health care payments in 2016 and pay for performance or care coordination fees accounted for another 28 percent of payments. These numbers come from a report from the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network. Learn more about the [...]

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