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New Study Zeroes in on ER Use

A new study has concluded that more than four million emergency room visits a year are for chronic medical problems that, if treated more effectively at the primary care level, could have been avoided. And that those more than four million visits cost $8.3 billion a year. According to a new analysis performed by Premier, Inc., more than 24 million ER visits a year are by patients with six chronic medical conditions:  asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, heart failure, hypertension, and behavioral health problems.  Thirty percent of those visits, the study concluded, could have been prevented with better care [...]

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Low-Acuity Use of Emergency Departments Declines

People are using hospital emergency departments less frequently for low-acuity medical problems, turning instead to retail clinics and urgent care. According to a new study of a limited patient population published in JAMA Internal Medicine, Visits to the ED for the treatment of low-acuity conditions decreased by 36% (from 89 visits per 1000 members in 2008 to 57 visits per 1000 members in 2015), whereas use of non-ED venues increased by 140% (from 54 visits per 1000 members in 2008 to 131 visits per 1000 members in 2015). There was an increase in visits to all non-ED venues: urgent care [...]

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