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Ways and Means Establishes Rural Health Task Force

The House Ways and Means Committee has established a new “Rural and Underserved Communities Health Task Force.” The purpose of the task force, according to a committee news release, will be to … convene members and experts to discuss the challenges of delivering health care in rural and underserved areas, and explore holistic bipartisan policy options that could improve outcomes and care in these communities. The task force will have bipartisan leadership. Learn more about the task force, its members, its objectives, and how it intends to proceed with this work in this Ways and Means Committee news release.

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Ways and Means Releases Red Tape Report

The House Ways and Means Committee has released a report detailing its efforts to date to reduce red tape in the delivery of health care and to present steps it might take in the future to continue with that process. In the first stage of its red tape project, Ways and Means solicited stakeholder input and heard from nearly 300 stakeholder groups.  Next, it hosted roundtable discussions with various groups to review the issues they raised.  Now, following publication of its report, the committee plans to work in consultation with the administration to advance legislation to address some of the [...]

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