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Future Financial Prospects Mixed for Post-Acute Providers, Analysis Suggests

Assisted living facilities, hospice, and home health providers should see their profitability rise over the next three years, according to a new analysis by McKinsey & Company. Nursing homes and inpatient rehabilitation facilities, on the other hand, may see their profitability decline as they continue to struggle with the current shortage of qualified nurses. Learn more about the near-term prospects for post-acute-care providers from the McKnight’s Long-Term Living article “Skilled nursing profits will shrink through 2026, even as other post-acute lines gain: analysis.”

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Little Rhyme or Reason to Post-Stroke Care Choices

Despite medical recommendations that stroke patients choose inpatient rehabilitation facilities for their post-acute care, significant numbers of patients continue to seek such care in skilled nursing facilities. And experts do not understand why. The choices, according to a new study, are based primarily on recommendations by hospitals and are being made despite a recommendation by the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association that patients turn to inpatient rehab facilities rather than skilled nursing facilities for post-stroke care.  Researchers found no apparent reason for the choices patients make between the two types of facilities. Learn more about where stroke patients [...]

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