Medicaid and social determinants of health

Looming Medicaid Challenges

State Medicaid programs are facing significant financial challenges in the coming years. Among them:  less federal Medicaid matching money, a continued call by providers for increased payments, and a growing demand to use Medicaid to help address behavioral health challenges. In addition, proponents of investing more Medicaid money in home- and community-based services can be expected to ask state Medicaid programs to cover more services while those programs face a growing demand to use Medicaid resources to address social determinants of health such as poor housing and hunger. At the same time, large numbers of individuals continue to fall off [...]

Results of Annual Survey of State Medicaid Programs

The Kaiser Family Foundation has published the results of its annual survey of state Medicaid programs for the 2022 and 2023 fiscal years.  Among the survey’s findings (in language taken directly from the Kaiser report): More than 3/4 of states that contract with MCOs [managed care organizations] enroll ≥75% of all beneficiaries in MCOs Some states reported newly implementing or expanding MCO programs States also report continued use of other service delivery and payment system reforms Two-thirds of states are using strategies to improve race, ethnicity, and language data About one-quarter of states are tying MCO financial incentives to health [...]

Feds Give States Direction for Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Federal laws, regulations, and programs offer numerous tools to states seeking to address social determinants of health through their Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).  Now, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has written to state Medicaid directors outlining those tools. In the 51-page letter, CMS notes that Many Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries may face challenges related to SDOH [social determinants of health], including but not limited to access to nutritious food, affordable and accessible housing, convenient and efficient transportation, safe neighborhoods, strong social connections, quality education, and opportunities for meaningful employment.  There is a growing body of evidence [...]

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The Role of Medicaid in Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Medicaid can play a major role in addressing the social determinants of health. Or so argues a recent post on the Health Affairs Blog. According to the post, social determinants of health – income, education, decent housing, access to food, and more – significantly influence the health and well-being of individuals – including low-income individuals who have adequate access to quality health care.  Medicaid, the post maintains, can play a major role in addressing social determinants of health. The post outlines the role state Medicaid programs can play in addressing social determinants of health; describes tools for such action such [...]

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Medicaid to Help Pay for Food, Heat, Rent?

Maybe. At least that is what Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar hinted during a recent symposium held in Salt Lake City. During the event, Azar said that HHS’s Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation seeks …solutions for the whole person, including addressing housing, nutrition, and other social needs. Azar hinted at future CMMI action, saying that What if we gave organizations more flexibility so they could pay a beneficiary's rent if they were in unstable housing, or make sure that a diabetic had access to, and could afford, nutritious food? If that sounds like an exciting idea [...]

Medicaid Directors Meet

The National Association of Medicaid Directors held its fall conference recently outside Washington, D.C. This is an important event at which policy-makers and policy experts meet to discuss Medicaid programs, trends, challenges, and opportunities. Many of the materials used during that conference are now publicly available, including video clips from speeches by CMS Administrator Seema Verma and others and presentations on a number of subjects, including: delivering care across rural and frontier America Medicaid’s role in supporting community engagement and economic mobility busting the silos of physical and behavioral health care alternative payment models and addressing the social determinants of [...]

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