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Adverse Selection May Explain Rising ACO Costs

Hospital ACO costs are rising because of the sicker patients they attract, a new study suggests. According to researchers at University of Wisconsin Health, patients served by traditional Medicare or by physician-led accountable care organizations often switch to hospital-led Medicare ACOs as they encounter health problems, bringing those hospital-led ACOs sicker patients than those otherwise served by such organizations.  As a result, the per patient costs of hospital-led Medicare ACOs often rise more than those of the costs of traditional Medicare and physician-led ACOs.  Often, these shifts are encouraged by patients’ medical specialists. Hospital-led Medicare ACOs have been criticized for [...]

ACOs, APMs Proliferate

The number of accountable care organizations and alternative payment models is growing, as is the number of people served by such programs. According to a new study published on the Health Affairs Blog, there are more than 900 ACOs across the country – a 10 percent increase over a year ago. 32 million Americans are served by ACOs today – 2.2 million more than a year ago.  Among them, 59 percent are served through commercial contracts, 29 percent by Medicare contracts, and 12 percent under Medicaid contracts.  ACO growth is greatest in metropolitan areas, the states with the greatest ACO [...]

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