Medicare Acute Hospital at Home program

Federal Health Policy Update for March 14

The following is the latest health policy news from the federal government for March 8-14.  Some of the language used below is taken directly from government documents. The White House The Biden administration this week released its proposed FY 2025 federal budget.  Health care highlights include: Making permanent the expanded health care premium tax credits introduced to make health insurance marketplace plans more affordable for middle-class Americans. Extension of coverage similar to Medicaid to residents of the 10 states that have not taken advantage of the Affordable Care Act opportunity to expand their Medicaid programs. Permission for states to extend [...]

MedPAC Meets

Members of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission met publicly last week in Washington, D.C.  Their agenda consisted of the following issues: Rural hospital and clinician payment policy: A workplan for 2024–2025 Assessing data sources for measuring health care utilization by Medicare Advantage enrollees: Encounter data and other sources Preliminary analysis of Medicare Advantage quality Medicare’s Acute Hospital Care at Home program Update on trends and issues in Medicare inpatient psychiatric services Go here for a brief overview of each agenda item and links to the staff presentations on those issues and here for a transcript of the two-day meeting. MedPAC [...]

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