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MedPAC Meets, Finalizes 2025 Payment Recommendations

2025 Medicare payments led the agenda at last week’s meeting of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission. After hearing presentations on the various Medicare payment systems and discussing the adequacy of current Medicare reimbursement, MedPAC’s commissioners voted to recommend the following changes in 2025 Medicare payments. Inpatient and outpatient services – an update provided for in current law plus 1.5 percent and a shift to a safety-net index policy that would pay safety-net hospitals another $4 billion. Physicians and other health professionals – an increase of 50 percent of the Medicare economic index and introduction of an add-on payment for services [...]

MedPAC Offers 2021 Medicare Rate Recommendations

MedPAC has recommended to Congress changes in Medicare payment rates in the coming year. In its annual report to Congress, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission recommended the following rate changes: acute-care hospitals – a two percent rate increase and a suggestion that the difference between this two percent increase and the payment increase specified by law be used to increase the rewards hospitals may earn under Medicare’s hospital value incentive program.  As a result, the value incentive program would offer a possible 0.8 percent in bonus payments, and with the recommended elimination of the 0.5 percent penalty for which hospitals [...]

MedPAC Offers Recommendations on FY 2020 Rates, More

Last week the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission released its annual report to Congress.  Included in this report are MedPAC’s Medicare rate recommendations for the coming year.  They are: hospital inpatient rates – a two percent increase hospital outpatient rates – a two percent increase physician and other health professional services rates – no update skilled nursing facilities – no 2020 increase home health agencies – a five percent rate reduction inpatient rehabilitation facilities – a five percent rate reduction long-term-care hospital services – a two percent increase hospice services – a two percent rate reduction MedPAC also recommended that the [...]

MedPAC: No Rate Increases for Nursing Homes

As it has since 2008, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission has voted to recommend no pay increase or even market basket increase for Medicare payments to skilled nursing facilities. According to MedPAC, Medicare payments for nursing home care remain too high. MedPAC also voted to recommend no market basket increases for long-term-care hospitals and hospices and for a pay reduction for inpatient rehabilitation facilities. MedPAC will formally submit its recommendations to Congress in March. To learn more about MedPAC’s thoughts on Medicare reimbursement for post-acute-care services, see this article in McKnight’s Long-Term Care News.

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