The same flexibilities that the federal government established to help states respond to the COVID-19 emergency can be used to respond to the current RSV and flu challenges, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra has written to the nation’s governors.

According to the Becerra letter,

… the Administration has exercised regulatory flexibilities to help health care providers and suppliers continue to respond to COVID-19. These flexibilities – while critical in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic – can also help address many of the challenges you face during the spread of non-COVID-19 illnesses, including RSV and flu. They remain available to you and health care providers as you all make care available in response to flu, RSV, COVID-19, and other illnesses.

Among the available assistance cited in the letter are federal blanket waivers still in effect, expanded use of telehealth, access to equipment, supplies, and health care personnel, and possible federal financial assistance.

See the letter and more about the federal aid available in this HHS news release.